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just read this little tidbit:

...and yes, it makes me feel a bit queasy. 'the third man' is one of my all time favorite movies and because of it's setting in the immediate post-war vienna one would think it's all but remake proof, but alas...

the cynic in me started clicking off stuff they could do to just plain wreck the movie right out of the gate, such as:

1. film it in color. the use of black and white in this movie was simply some of the most impressively atmospheric movie making, ever.

2. film it in B&W. yeah, lets try for the 'we're trying to be true to the original' angle. problem is, i just don't think you can even film a black and white movie on current B&W stock to resemble stuff done in the '50s. the closest any recent movie has come (imo) was the coen brothers 'the man who wasn't there'. some movies (like soderbergh's 'the good german' just looked like a cheaply shot TV episode because of the B&W stock used.

3. change the ending to hollywoodize it. the last scene of the original is one of those great indelible cinematic moments. they'll get someone like kate beckinsale to play the female lead and that'll insure it'll have to be changed...

4. change the setting altogether. an easy way out of a lot of things would be to balderdash the original story into a new setting, like what they did with that (utterly awful) manchurian candidate remake. so instead of postwar vienna, it's now post-war

5. leo isn't orson welles and he really has nothing to gain by doing this. he's a fine actor in his own right and i doubt such a remake will enhance his career. the same could go for tobey maguire, but, frankly, i don't think much of him as it is right now. he probably can't sink much lower.

so, yeah, color me unimpressed with the continued creative bankruptcy by hollywood studios for even contemplating this sort of nonsense.
Mad Man

Death Trap!

i'm not a terribly huge fan of the 'batman - the brave and the bold' cartoon on the CN (what was the point of casting dietrich bader to do a kevin conroy impression as batman? why not just cast the man...but i digress...), but last night musical episode 'mayhem of the music meister!' (with neil patrick harris as the titular villain) was pretty much one of the best pieces of television i've seen in a good long time.

the songs were a sort of 'broadway through the ages' selection and all very well done. the story itself had an awesome payoff (imo.)

well worth the 20 mins or so.